Thursday, May 29, 2008


I have to say I was welcomed with open arms by Sue and Julie when I was in Conneaut for a signing on Saturday May 24th. While the residents (it's an assisted living home) ditched me for Bingo, I had a great time talking with people who came in and bought the book knowing I would be there. Thank you to Julie Germovsek and her mother Sue for all the great chat while sipping lemonade and eating crudities.

My next public appearance will be at the Borders at CrockerPark in Westlake on Saturday, June 7th from 1-3pm. I encourage anyone on that side of the big city to come by and say hello. Maybe some of the Harrison Elementary kids in Lakewood might stop by?? Happy Reading everyone!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


This past wednesday, May 21, I was in downtown Cleveland at the Crooked River Reading Club bookstore. I met a lot of great people (and saw many I already know!) Here I am with my #1 groupie girl - niece Anna. I also met Tim - the Nairobi hat man. Here we are (with his infamous hat) after he bought a book. Thank you, Cleveland (and Gale of Crooked River).


I was lucky to visit four classes at Spencer Elementary on friday, May 16th for Career Day (Mrs. Ward - Gr. 2, Mrs. Ellis - Gr. 2, Mrs. Webb - Gr. 1, Mrs. Austin - Gr. 3). All the students were excellent audiences and very excited about the book. Thank you Jennifer Pruden for all your encouraging e-mails!


On thursday, May 15th I was able to visit Madison High. The writing classes of Ms. Vacca were a wonderful audience. They asked intelligent questions about writing and publishing. Julie Vacca's class were working on the theme of following your dream. Here I am with the teacher and a soon-to-be-published student writer. Can you guess who is who? They both look professional to me.


It has been a fun week but I am ready to just hang out and write for a while! On Wednesday, May 14th I was invited to speak at Wine Country Bookstore at the Geneva Women's Business Association. The ladies were all excited about the book and how it came about. Unfortunately my picture of them didn't turn out, but here is a peek at the interior of Wine Country Books. (PSST. It's for sale - a turn-key operation opportunity any book lover would be crazy not to check out.)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


What fun I have had! I have to say that this bunch of kids (and their teachers) was very welcoming. There were signs all over the school welcoming me and dragonflies flying all over the walls! I met so many wonderful readers and budding writers. I loved all the cards that you made for me.
Thank you to Genni and Darlene for getting this event together. And thank you to the art teacher, Lyndsay Kaufman, for the most delicious and inspiring cookies I have eaten on my entire DragonFly Keeper tour. (check out the bottom right in the collage above. Yes! That is a cookie! I ate two but I had to take its picture before I devoured it.)

Saturday, May 10, 2008


The next ten days should be a whirlwind. On Thursday I appeared at the Barnes & Noble in Westlake. Monday coming I will be at Harrison Elementary in Lakewood, Ohio. Tuesday I will address the Geneva Women's Business League at Wine Country Books. Thursday I will speak with the Writing Seminar students at Madison High School, and friday I will be visiting Spencer Elementary for Career Day. Then Wednesday the 21st, I will be signing books at Crooked River Bookstore in the Galleria downtown Cleveland. Quite a romp.
As for my website, I will be updating it soon, never fear. For now, however, you can follow along with the blog.
Another great piece of news: The DragonFly Keeper has been chosen as an alternate read for KENT STATE UNIVERSITY'S ENGLISH FESTIVAL 2009!
For all of you out there browsing the internet and reading this, I hope you return to some great reading when you are through. Presently I am reading a few books. The Emperor's children by Claire Messud is about a group of thirty-somethings floundering amid 2001 New York society. While it took me a little to get used to Messud's style of constantly breaking up her thoughts in the middle with asides, the very Henry Jamesiness of the characters and their exchanges is building up nicely.
Until next time (soon!)