Sunday, March 1, 2009


Happy Spring! (OK it's wishful thinking.) Anyway our family was in Italy visiting the in-laws. We were in Sicily which was rainy but not frozen. We ended up taking a boat to Egypt to see the pyramids. We were already 5,000 miles from home. What was a short boat trip accross the Mediterranean and a short bus ride through the desert? We also got a chance to stand on the vulcano Mt. Etna. I brought my laptop to write. . . but with three little kids, lots of wine, and camels. . . well I got a lot of inspiration. And Giuseppe is in the pilot's seat of a small jet in that picture up there.
I am into the second DragonFly novel, however, and will give you updates.
Currently I have a poem published in the on-line journal Please check it out!
Here is my current list of appearances. Please check the blog in the future for the current times and schedules:
March 5th, Thursday, afternoon, cub scouts in Jefferson
March 9th, Monday, afternoon, 3rd grade at Austinburg Elementary
March 20th, Friday, day, Kent State English Festival
March 24th, Tuesday, evening, Eastlake Library
March 28th, Saturday, day, Madison Middle Schools Girls Conference
April 14th, Tuesday, evening, Madison Library Books and Cooks
May 13th, Wednesday, day, Jefferson schools
May 16th, Saturday, day, Rocky River Library Civic Day

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