Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Nothing against John Grisham, but I think I just had one of those moments in life that you don't forget.

I was looking forward to putting up my books in Giant Eagle in Geneva. After all, it IS the only grocery store here. If anyone needs coffee or cereal or ground chuck, they get to walk by my smiling face. I noticed that Grisham's new book was on display in the book section and thought, "I definitely have to take a picture of The DragonFly Keeper set up next to this." But when I went in to set them up, the manager actually moved poor John to behind the shelves so that I could have his spot. Imagine that. Of course, everyone probably already has his book (there were only three left on the display), but displacing a best-selling author in a retail store gave me an egotistical boost I just cannot deny.

Hope to see you at the signing on Saturday at Wine Country Books in Geneva!

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