Saturday, March 8, 2008


The restaurant was closed because of no electricity, my sons are throwing up all over the house day and night from a stomach virus, we are in the middle of the winter's worst blizzard, but . . . UPS delivered my books early! How do they do that?

So if you are in the neighborhood of Alessandro's down on lake road in Ashtabula, you can stop in for a copy (or food!). Or you can now order one from my site. Starting April 1st, you can find them in bookstores across the area. If your bookstore isn't carrying it, ask them to order it through AtlasBooks (that's Fava Press's distributor).

Thanks to everyone who have been giving me support and contacts! Annette, Kim, Kenny. Annette Sheldon has her second book "Big Brother Now" coming out in October. "Big Sister Now" is already available.

Well, the review copies are going out (as soon as I can get to the post office). I will post any and all responses to those!

Happy reading out there,


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